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Oxygen is a key ingredient to a healthy metabolism in which the respiratory system takes a key role. Air passes through the nose to the windpipe, then into the lungs and reaches the bronchial tubes. In the functional area of the lungs, the alveoli, there is an exchange of inhaled oxygen and the carbon dioxide to be discarded.


The thin muscular layer in the bronchial tubes coordinates this process of inhalation and exhalation. All seems well except in conditions like bronchial asthma. In such a condition, the inhaled air finds it difficult to reach the alveoli as the air spaces are narrowed down, resulting in the formation of thin mucus in the area and the collection makes it worse as it chokes up the area, further preventing healthy exchange of gases. This condition wherein the spasm takes place at regular intervals is called as bronchial asthma.


There are many causes to this condition, the predominant being a hereditary one. Another very strong reason could be allergy to a particular substance. Imagining a particular substance to be deleterious to the health of the lungs the bronchial tree alerts the immune mechanism which in turn releases histamine that actually contracts the smooth muscles of the branches of the airways. This particular asthmatic condition could be triggered off by infections like cold, flu and sinusitis, change in temperature and weather, tobacco smoke and air pollution. Some children could develop hyperventilation on playing or exercise.


Most often unseen dust mites, pollen, pets, mold spores, certain foods and even the presence of cockroaches around can cause this problem. Strong smell (even of food being cooked), perfumes and odours can cause the airways to contract and cause asthma. Strong emotions such as anxiety and depression with hysteria-like episodes of crying, yelling or even laughing hard can trigger asthma. As such any protein in the world or even synthetic medicines can cause allergy in those who are susceptible.All efforts must be made to reduce the exposure to known allergens like pollen, pets and dust mites.


But when it is not possible, homoeopathic medicine can really help. Simple remedies like Blatta ori, Sabadilla, Senega, Carbo veg, Kali carb, Suph, Psorinum, Thuja, Aspidosperma etc. not only help in bringing acute conditions under check, but also reduce the affect of an allergen in intensity and frequency even as they clear away. For allergies and asthma, homoeopathy is the best bet.